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Sod pallets in Davenport

Sod delivery in Davenport, Florida.

We deliver sod to Davenport Monday - Friday. Available for pickup 6 days a week! No job too small - sold by the piece or by the pallet.
Feel free to call and ask if you don't know what sod you want to use. Our experts can point you in the right direction.

For full sun, just about any grass will do! If you need something shade tolerant, try Bitter Blue St. Augustine. Empire Zoysia is somewhere in-between Floratam and Bitter Blue when it comes to shade tolerance.

Give us a call today and ask about sod delivery in Davenport!

Sod types available for pickup or delivery

•Floratam St. Augustine•
•Empire Zoysia•
•Bitter Blue St. Augustine•
•Argentine Bahia•

Open 6 Days a Week!

Sod delivered to your door in Central Florida
The best Floratam St Augustine sod in Davenport
Floratam St Augustine Sod Fresh Every Day!!!

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Open 6 days a week.

Floratam St. Augustine - The classic, full sun variety of St. Augustine sod. This is the most common grass in Florida.

Bitter Blue St. Augustine - The shade tolerent variety of St. Augustine sod. Use this if you have shade from trees or architecture (if over 70% shaded, consider an alternate ground cover).

Empire Zoysia - The newer popular choice. It has soft, thin blades and a dense root structure. Empire Turf is very durable and hold up better under low water conditions.